Teardrops of an Angel

Full Moon Diamonds

The full moon comes alive

Awakening the goddess within me

Starlight shines like jewels

Summoning monsters from sky and sea


A castle in the Milky Way

Causes me to feel such beauty

Full moon tears eclipse me

Halos, white lights, alien abductees


My head is stolen of all visions

The places I have seen are now

Esoteric memories within

Replaced and re hidden somehow


My blood runs like a red river

Across the sky it glows and it cries

Powerful yet fading from the things that

Mortals are forbidden from until they die


The night is an empty cup

Filled with stars like diamonds

Drink, drink up the holy mana

Life eternally shining and stunning


Now I cry full moon tears

Living waters poured down

Crystal drops dangle from angels

Holly, ash and laurel crowns


Bright stars bring us here

Here we are returned to Earth

Pearls, diamonds, onyx, moonstone

Eternal souls of rebirth


Collected like gems into the hands of Gods...


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