Hi, my name is Deanna Jaxine Stinson.


 I am an entrepreneur in the creative fields. I co-own a paranormal business that seeks out extraterrestrials, demons, ghosts, monsters, vampires and so much more. I have written books on my supernatural exploits. I have been featured on t.v. shows such as Chelsea Lately, Unexplained Files, and Paranormal Connection. I want to earn angel wings one day because I believe in them. I believe in them because of the goddess Isis, my father, God, and so much more. I had a vampire encounter when I was 21. When I was a very small child I saw a giant blue eyeball appear in the sky and it sounded like boulders rolling down a mountain when it rolled its eye into an invisible head that resembled the sky. The supernatural inspires my songs, poetry, style and everything about me. I have been writing a dream journal since I was ten years old and for the past four years it is kept online. Here is a link to a podcast of a radio show that I recently did, you can learn a little more about me by listening to it. http://www.psn-radio.com/inside-tha-jackals-head-w-deanna-jaxine-stinson-07-28-2014/ or you could watch videos of me, look at photos or visit my social media sites. You can find me on facebook throught the group at the bottom of the page or you can find me on myspace at myspace.com/deannajaxinestinson . My singer/songwriter name is under Shooting Star Baby, so you may also see that. I like to journal and so that's why there is so much information about me online. I like to keep online photo albums, notebooks and more. I love writing and networking so much, that's why...BTW if you are wondering, I drew that dream catcher. I was trying to draw the wind and the energy inside a dream catcher and so I call it, "Wind."




Are you experiencing the paranormal? If you live in California Halo Paranormal Investigations can make a free trip to help you out. We have psychics, mediums, pastors, shamans and more. If you live out of state or just want to share your story we can do e-mail correspondence. 1-916-203-7503 Paranormal Hotline or e-mail shootingstarbaby@teardropsofanangel.com .

 Here is an awesome picture that Dennis Rano made from  http://www.ufologistoons.com/ . The truth is , I have always wanted to become an angel. Whether that's possible or not? Anything is possible! Awesome! If you click the mug you can buy it!