Teardrops of an Angel

Halo Paranormal Investigations

Halo Paranormal Investigations is a charitable research group for the paranormal.

We investigate all things paranormal.

We perform blessings, healings, exorcisms and psychic connection.

We also provide countless articles, research and videos for record keeping. 

We are located in Sacramento, California. We travel worldwide and all of California. 

We have been on over a thousand investigations, made several documentaries, books and collected alot of information on the subject.

Because we spend our own money to pay for gas, blessing supplies, our time and expertise, we ask for donations.

We do ask each person whom we help for a donation, but, many are not able to afford these services as negative entities prey on those who cannot defend themselves.

If you feel like H.P.I. has helped you or someone you know, or you are in the spirit of giving, please kindly donate.

Any amount helps.

Thank you so much for your contributions to our spiritual group and the people that we help.

About Us

Please visit www.jazmaonline.com for more information on our investigations.