Teardrops of an Angel



Why do we divide ourselves?
Are we brave and can we be
Strong enough to be who we
Are meant to be..



Changing seasons color the ground
Leaves circle above from all around

Candle wax dipped in different hues
Representing rituals sacred to the moon

Each beginning to shape destiny at night
Spinning threads like spider webs of light

Incantations, summoning, powers of the great
Wands burning, turning, melting & making fate

Drowning In a Past Life


Barefoot in wet mud like clay
Green rolling hills at dusk
My soul is not going to stay
Bound into the valley of Earth 

Magic is sweet and it is bitter
Falling angels tears lead you on-
Stars sparkle and burst into glitter
Shapeshifter,dreamer, waterlily bound

Lanterns gliding across a marsh
Will they reach the other side?
Or will I...

Winter Vampires


 Winter vampires are cold

Their hearts are frozen

Will you sell your soul

To love another person


Devil’s embrace is hot

His soul is burning

Will you change yourself

To be another person?


Angel memory is empty

Their thoughts are robotic

When will you start thinking?

Of someone else …



The Battle


The battle for my soul...

Your aura is a strange song

It is black darker than night
Where it does not belong

Your smile is like the twilight
Breaking into a gold dawn

How could I have sold my soul
To someone like you...

My wings are burning away
Smoke like sun on a vampire
Halo is still falling down 
Like stars catching fire

God still wont let me go
To become yours completely

Does he love me more?

Fairy Tale


Life is like a fairy tale
I get lost in the illusions
Your love is the Holy Grail
And your words are the music



Thunderstorms of butterflies
Making glitter in magic skies

Typhoon of gladness and happiness
Joy pouring out my sadness

A lucky cry surfaces into lines
Cheerful thoughts kindly redefine



I want to rip my heart from my chest
It hurts so much I can't stand it beating
Make the cut right through my breast

Where is my sanctuary from your pain
Always killing my thoughts of innocence
Stormy anger strikes like thunder in the rain

Your words are like sharp daggers slicing
Incisions, decisions, false visions of love
No compromises, surprising,it was so enticing

Space Goddess




Saviors souls, tarot cards
Candles burning, my guitar
Strings are strumming, incense burning
Spirits speaking, spirits learning

Magic moon, God is calling
Midnight magic, rainbow fragments
The dusk is not changing, it is stalling
Into a new Earth, Angels falling 

The Guiding Voices


Thought is a train I get on to ride in times
Of severe despair, anguish, and anticipation
The sound of death grinds and chimes

Across tracks from your twisted dark soul
Making noise like metal chains bound to me
Hear my divine judgments read from a scroll

Spells read by lanterns lit with holy light
Dripping with wax seasons melt away
and voices guide me through the night




I am letting loose the gates to a city flooded by the waters of my emotions...
I am turning my Apache tears into shining reflective pieces of a midnight moonbow ocean...
Prince Endymion, is seeking many dreams for mysterious divine immortal devotions...
Searching me with vampire bites draining, biting too sharply, bloody, drinking love potions...
I am a reincarnated fallen Angel, slave to a God burning me inside, turning my soul into a Phoenix in ashes frozen

Moon Bow


Neon colors burning in outer space
A moon bow halo glowing around
Eve's fairy face

At night I wait for my vampire hero
Ghosts kisses and night time terror
Heart and arrow

I want my Egyptian goddess wings
Reincarnated rainbows flowing
Like songs the angels sing

Eternal Breath


Who would wake me from a holy, beautiful slumber
When the dreams I dream them and then I wonder

Where are the fragments of time that I am missing
Memories lost like raindrops quickly slip, slip, slipping
Water is drip,drip dripping down from my eyes blue
Skies, grey dyes, staining my eternal transparent soul

Where did they go, the pieces of time that I held near?
Into my hands, Into Earth, descending like my tears...


March 18, 2014

 Words expressed are stunning like a storm...

My heartbeat is the thunder crashing down
Dry Canyons of my cheeks are transformed as
Rain pours down my face, causing many frowns
Warnings like a tornado, and I am on high alert

Please don't say you love me, when you don't
It causes earthquakes and my hands tremble
Please don't call me beautiful, you've already told
To many others that and those memories resemble
The past and it's all just broken promises to me

Love Wish Genie

March 17, 2014

I'm sorry I changed into someone else
Is it for the best? I argue with myself
Mistakes made like blood pouring out
Can't close a fatal wound anytime soon
Just like I can't heal when I'm selfish
I will just cast my heart into the moon
Say goodbye like wind on a sand dune as
I disappear into somebody else's wish


March 16 2014

It feels like dreams are gilded rushing waters
They are flowing like sweet pink smoking incense 
Prayers recited on the lips of Heavens daughters
Guitar strings playing holy music to my 6th sense

Wild Moon Bunny

March 14, 2014

The sound of your heart
Is like a wild moon bunny
Running circles set apart
Mid-day green and sunny

Innocent and pure angel
Soft and lost in a forest
Unawares of the danger
Sky hunter, eye of Horus

The twigs whisper and sigh
Break underneath my feet
Your quiet but the devil is sly
Your divine purity is sweet

All the hosts of paradise,
Hold you, protector of luck
A holy object & quiet sacrifice
Running into fate, where your stuck...

We Broke Up

March 13, 2014

Bright skies
Optimist eyes
White lies
Your goodbye



Glitter on my cheeks
Like stardust
Because I cry and
The tears twinkle
Look what fate has done

Perfect Love


My soul is like metal to the Earth gold wings silver angel his fire melts me into perfect love ~

Моя душа, как металл в золото крылья серебра ангел Земли его огонь плавит меня в совершенной любви

روحي مثل المعادن إلى الأرض أجنحة الملاك الذهب والفضة نيرانه يذوب لي في الحب المثالي

Duša mi je poput metala na Zemlji zlatnih krila srebrnim anđelom njegova vatra mi se topi u savršenoj ljubavi
La mia anima è come metallo alla Terra ali d'oro angelo d'argento il suo fuoco mi si scioglie in amore perfetto

Moje duše je jako kov na Zemi zlatých křídlech stříbrných anděl mi jeho oheň taví do dokonalé lásky

Min själ är som metall på jorden guld vingar silver ängel hans eld smälter in mig i fullkomlig kärlek

Sufletul meu este ca de metal de aur aripi înger argint Pământ foc sa-mi se topește în dragoste perfectă

Η ψυχή μου είναι σαν μέταλλο στη Γη χρυσά ασημένια φτερά αγγέλου του πυρός μου λιώνει σε τέλεια αγάπη

Anima mea sicut terra metalla in aurum, argentum, et angelus alis eius, ignis et tabescet in me est perfectus in caritate



Words like holy fire
From your mouth depart
My love poisoned by a vampire
Like spells they return my heart

I am lost in a ghost land
Unlocked artifact and your the key
with your hands you worship
I can feel you resurrect me

Digital Heart




Together, we travel through space 
Using asterisks and text our thoughts are sent 
Our voices download into analog
Words and deep emotion are meant
Rivers of information are streaming
Digitized conductors of energies
Romantic hearts are always dreaming & I am
I am connected to you with my digital heart



Alive be alive
He said
Than he told me
Be dead
GOD whats wrong
With you,
I did what i was
Supposed to



Sin is like freedom and passion
Betray someone like an angel would
But God is over sensitive
And Goddess are relaxed like
Love is patient and kind
Divine and true
The underworld is like
A maze of premonitions
Decisions and judgments
And we are all flowers
We cant stop growing
Like vines, red wines
Reaching for the sun
Like hoping for true love 



Meteorites like magic fly by
Space, light and time collide
Galaxies like people divide
Love is pain and pleasure
But why?
My heart is a treasure
An enchanted rose
Black velvet and blood
That only blooms for the gardener
Who has a green thumb
And there is only one
To perfect my state of grace
Soul mate
Love is thorns and beauty
And I am enchanted
But why?

White Velvet Wings


Lips made sweet with pink sparkle lipstick
Eyes outlined with elegant black crystals
Smooches by an unlit vanilla candle wick
Photographer shooting a camera like a pistol

Short dresses, bohemian purple hair
Consuming spirits like apple cider breath
Shooting star on my neck, people stare
Photos,oil, dreams all for you,designer death

The light it breaks into dusk like magic
Warm clothes, frozen toes, go home 
Worshiping God through you it's tragic
Brushed my bleached blonde hair with a comb

Took off my gold glitter heels as the sunset
To hide again my hearts white velvet wings
Not worried about flying to high,we just met
The danger is falling in love, because

My heart is everything (MY KING)

Silver Moon Legend


Silver ribbons wrap around my arms like rope
Sweet fruits, soft flowers, taste of paradise
Your skin is dark but mine is peaches and cinnamon
You are a protective light shadow, double edged sword of hope
A lunar phased angel spell reflection
Heavenly breathtaking celestial divination
Between this silver moon tragedy and my tears like the oceans teal waves
Aphrodite's Angels play with hearts mines dead
Spirits keep calling me, calling me...

Magic healers Halley's comet stars of Jesus, symmetric,proportions
Years combined like a spiritual connection
Turned into a silver moon legend
If you only knew how ancient this is
My goddess plans, and your superstitions,adoring affections
Through my shooting stars, and all of your wishes
The anguish of holy, cosmic, gentle premonitions, yet
Love keeps calling me, calling me...
Come home



I am a love bandit sacrifice A thief in the night stole my soul
I am a bloody mess , wings to large for him to hold
I outline my eyes in beryllium and kohl
Starve the devil out of my world
With light and white magic words
Just to live and die another day


February 18, 2014

Shooting stars fly by
My soul burns beneath moonlight

I want to hide away with feathers to cover my face
In your bed, pillows out of place

Overwhelmed, because I do it to myself

Yet, we are only God's Possessions
Love spell master, a disaster 

Angels fall in love to quick

Black Angel Wings

February 18, 2014

Black Angel Wings
Because I charred them
With my mermaid heart
Burned them until my skin bled out
Under the bloodletting moon
Carved a heart
With a razor into my shoulder
To remember
How much a breaking heart hurts

Siren Heart Song

February 18, 2014

The voice of God is water flowing through a mountain wearing it down

 Prayers with hands together are like Gods feathers

 Wings over Earth

What are the songs those sirens are singing

Their ocean is like a ghost town

 And their words are spells

Lyres strumming to a celestial goddess rebirth

 Legends of love fall into the sea like magic

 Yet God is the only one I hear & it's tragic



Sacred Heart

February 17, 2014

Chills down my back from a haunted touch

I breathe in the spirit world

I exhale, not to much and give life to a sacred heart

Inscriptions on silver, lapis lazuli on a chain, and you are named

Giving birth to a spirit made holy yet

You might feel alone in this world of stone

Goodness is a lonely road made of souls and bones

Lava Heart

February  14, 2014


Your love is hot

Moves fast like lava

My heart is like a diamond

Becoming ancient as I travel through the underworld

Your mind is twilight

Like it is flying over Earth

My soul is like a statue

Covered in the ashes of the dead

Frozen Heart

February 14, 2014


White full moon fire

Silver metal alchemist

With words like spells

Books and pyres

Melting ice tears

Like glass roses


No more fears

Legends of love

Crash and burn into my frozen heart

With the words I love you


Tinfoil Heart

February 14, 2014


We create when we are happy

We create when we are lonely

We create tinfoil hearts

With our hands

God why did you create me

I feel close to you as I am forming

In your mind

Please understand &

Dont tear apart

My tinfoil heart 


White Lily

A cloud becomes a white lily in the sky
A fragile moment colored like selenite
Time passes before my eyes into
The daydream moonlight


My mind is a private room and I am inviting you to come in
My blood is as ancient as hell and so full of poisons S
So drink in the curse
This is your invitation to Heaven 
To bathe by the light of my God
He is a vampire angel
Betrayer.. just to kiss me
Black flowers by moonlight
I am sealed with a spell like crimson
White magic lover  
Your God's favorite saviour
His vampire angel 

Shooting Star


I set my wish into the sky
Put my voice in a lantern

Let it glide
Over waters on Earth
Into the stars of the night 

Within the Gods cosmic sight...



My Stormy Heart


The storm is inside of my heart

It awakens slow like mist on a river 

Or fog rolling in

God is putting me back to sleep

Charming lullaby

He plays to a beat and we dream 

And then

I am a moment away from Heaven

To scared even to breathe



My life belongs to my ancestors

Their God's, their hearts and their Earth

 My life is not my own 

My soul belongs to Gods

 My dreams, my art, my love is not my own

 My spirit is like rain falling 

It is meant to sow the seeds of eternity

My hands will reap the gifts of my ancestors and

I will never be thirsty

Their mana, their sweat, their tears

Are all for you God

It is all for you God




Scarab drawing the truth in the sand

Wings over time in a dream land

 I rush to the Pharaoh

The hourglass in my hand

I sink slowly in quicksand

Like white dust of a borderland

Kings scatter into my eyes

I fall into prayers

Of another time

White Mage


Stars fall down in a spiral motion

Turning to stone like pillars in the ocean

Tides splash all around me it

Sounds like a full moon melody

And I hear songs like

Words of eternity

Return to me

God is like a white mage 

Who bathes my soul in prisms of smoke and sage

Enchanted Moon



Your heart is like a mirror and I am the seer of love

Words rise up from my lips

I can feel the sun kiss me

I am never alone

Your anger is like a natural disaster

I put the beast to sleep with a song

My halo is a divine flower growing from a seed

I nourish with powerful thoughts

Our souls are like vines twisting

Nurtured in green gardens of the underworld

Dreams pour from the moon and slip through my hands like memories

Queen of a sleeping city


My mistakes are like pillars of an ancient city

I am the ruler of these ruins

Only fools would take the throne

There is no honour in death only regrets

Legends of love break me as he reveals his greatness to me

But I already knew

Sorrow was all he ever left me and

I am still yours immortal holy one

Who in spirit is always with me

 In dreams he invokes me knowing my destiny is real

 He cant tell the difference between a goddess and an angel

 He loves me and he hates me





I am a temple made for a holy spirit

A vase filled with many dreams

That pour out like water

To form the mist upon my wings


August 13, 2012

Light up the sky
On your


Mystic flight    

Spirit Animal


Thank you
My eternal friend
For carrying my sorrow with you
Across the sky
Into a new divide
Compassion rests
Like a burning flame
On the wings of change
Hear the music play
I am intoxicated by your ways



Love is my hunter

My eyes fill up with the sea

Wings cover my face