Teardrops of an Angel

The Painter


My memories are patterns
Of you
A wet brush painting my skin
Spiraling, staining
Awakening spirits from within
Calling me to feel freedom
The painter, the potter
I am your art piece
Your energy sculpture 
Your Venus and your Jupiter

Evil Heart


If your drinking the anger potion
Your only poisoning yourself
Your hatred is because of no one else
Your insults are lies and you do not know the truth 
I can do better for myself than the evil
Done by you

The Skeleton


Your skeleton

A reflection of your prison

Your pride

A cage for your heart

What it hides inside

Sorrow is what it lusts for

What you want is more

To feed your inner beast

Unleash the wrath of your insecurities

Was nothing the truth?

The insults like daggers inside

You’re blasphemy

Why do you keep talking

To you nothing is sacred

Except for hatred;

Bones from where the monster feeds

You are never satisfied



Snowflake Tears


Sadness deep like an abyss

You cannot return from it

Tormented with everything I miss

Thoughts like a graceful warrior

No expressions on a babyface

How could you touch a frozen fantasy?

It would burn your hands

Like holding onto icicles

Lonely and cold melodies

Is all that I can hear…

Winter raindrops slowly to the ground

I am catching the snowflakes

From the air…

Silence is the only sound

But they are melting…

Away like my memories…

And spring is pulling me

Into It’s world without




The devil has many faces

So too does God

The sun smiles like an angel

The night feels so odd


My heart translates my emotions

Into lines and wrinkles on my face

I don’t want to get older

But I want to find peace... 

Angel Heart


Crystal feathers

Stormy weather

Lightning in the sky

Rainbows where angels cry


Our cities are burning down

Flying into a new town

Flames of battle dimmed

I am one with the wind


And the war is within

Between faith and sin

We are all wondering why

We were born to die

Moon Cycles



My hope is silver like a new moon,

Moonlight can’t save me but it will make me

It will take me all too soon…

Tears of a dragon cause my heart to change

Like scales, mermaid tails

The beat in rhythm to a sonic boom

Divine and cosmic paramour

Life will hurt me nevermore

Eclipse my heart, my living tears

Into a river that you made

Like a blood moon reflection

Silver water, sons and daughters

Drink the potions, drown emotions

Magic is everywhere

And the truth is an ancient relic

You won’t find without the help of Gods

The ones who enslaved us

With chains of doom

Like a full moon reflection

With rain dropping down like water lost

The valleys we are kings in

Belong to those that tend them

We will harvest what we sowed

Like a lunar cycle

Bound to the Earth

What is our soul’s worth?

Miracle Of Life


Scientist performing miracles
We are hoping to sidestep death
My heart is the oracle
My birth is spiritual
What than be the truth
How many truths there be
That does not lead us into temptations
Of power, shame and lust?
The mortician won’t bring you back
From your fiery journey I trust
Your soul burns by a holy flame
Much like moths to candlelight 
You will find your life 
When you cease to exist…
That’s where the miracle is...

What Else



She catches the stars with her hands

And holds them up high

She silently screams and demands

That all her wishes come true


Yet everyone seems to be wishing

The same things, the same hearts desiring

The same dreams, The same missions

So what else shall we become?

Hearts of Humanity


My heart is like a rose, that blooms in the season of love
Yet, withers when the cold has come and crept in
Fading but its whispers and vibrations fall like petals
Down into an underworld of reincarnation again
Drifting just like feathers, electric storms begin
Eternal seed of beauty, and you glow like precious metals
Reborn into another rotation, gently, softly, innocence ,rain 
Lightly pouring like mana from a holy immortal cup
Strong thorns, angels guarding, fighting our mortal pain



The Tune


Have you waited long 
To hear the tune 
Your creator’s song
By sun and moon

The one stuck inside my head
Like an eternal memory
Like every nice thing you ever said 
It has a rhythm, an energy

Comforting,dancing, celebrating
A sound like a nurturing mother
A voice like a humble vibration
Spiritual, elevating, lifting me up to another

Holy place 
I could not find alone
There is no one else
Who knows the song of my bones

Than you who can sing that tune
I remember your melody
Enchanting, haunting monsoon
Of emotions

Full Moon Diamonds


The Full Moon comes alive

Awakening the goddess within me

Starlight shines like jewels

Summoning monsters from sky and sea


A castle in the Milky Way

Causes me to feel such beauty

Full moon tears eclipse me

Halos, white lights, alien abductees


My head is stolen of all visions

The places I have seen are now

Esoteric memories within

Replaced and re hidden somehow


My blood runs like a red river

Across the sky it glows and it cries

Powerful yet fading from the things that

Mortals are forbidden from until they die


The night is an empty cup

Filled with stars like diamonds

Drink, drink up the holy mana

Life eternally shining and stunning


Now I cry full moon tears

Living waters poured down

Crystal drops dangle from angels

Holly, ash and laurel crowns


Bright stars bring us here

We are returned to Earth

Pearls, diamonds, onyx, moonstone

Eternal souls of rebirth


Collected like gems into the hands of Gods...

Fool's Gold


A moth hears the sound of her shadows

Clinging to the light, the sight must be blinding

To the eyes of one so small and timid

The vision must be reminding


Us of our ideas and perceptions

Our fears turned into the truth

Meanwhile all of the deceptions

We fall for are our own


Attracted like a magnet to a lamp

Drawing me into this place

I can’t imagine something damper

Than the tears on my wet face


Heartache, In my sunlit blindness

So happy when I saw the pyrite

Like reaching for the fool’s gold

Same instinct as the moth to the skylight


Changing with the galaxy

Waiting for the eclipse of my soul

And here I am again with Earth’s rotations

Like the moth to the celestial pull

Hummingbird Daydream

I saw a field of sunflowers
Tall and bending towards the moon and sun
On paths my heart has lead me
I had never tried to run
I have tasted a resurrection
From the dewdrops of love
The sugar drips
On the lips of a rose
Sweet like honey
Hummingbird flowers
Crown her head like a Mayan or Aztec Queen
Sun goes down moon comes up in hours
I am a sacrifice to the Gods who were here before me
My blood drank like nectar to them
And dreams wake me in fragrance
Like perfume
Goddess, messenger, angels
Take me into a spiritual love and awaken
My heart to life


Lost Soul Mana


I strolled into an abyss

Near death my soul is


Surrounded me was valleys

Lost I am, like cities in back allies


Yet I am here because I am a tourist

Drawn to the dawn, my life is purest


A temple like that of ancient tragedies

Ruined but still standing

Silently planning a new strategy


Sacrifices were made but I am not alone

Names like mine carved into the stone


What was lost will become unhidden

Everywhere I go my soul is not forbidden


Like a map you read me and you realize

Everything in darkness soon becomes light


You are the moon and the sun

How do I know that you are just one


Casting shadows of insecurity

Believing still in Earths obscurity


I stand and wait for you instead

Preparing for a long winter ahead


Fate will follow Gods and men

Retreat into gardens of  zen


Be wise in the water you choose to drink

Your soul is thirsty but you have to think


Are these mirages, celestial lights

Enormous devil, angel, causing sights


Just do what I can to travel to the next world

Heaven will rain diamonds and pearls


Shining, shooting stars, glowing

From the soil reaping what I was sowing


Afterlife is threads of another reality

Perceptions spinning, spun from our destinies


Who is the spider than spinning webs?

We are, we are, until we are dead




Wrap up the soles of my feet

I am walking to a place we can meet

And if we don’t like our destinies

Would you take my hand and we will runaway


Bound to each other and the Earth

Our footsteps ripping a path into the dirt

Forging our way into the wild to fix the hurt

Like animals we hold onto each other


Treading farther away from where we came

Over time changing nothing ever stays the same

Getting closer to fate even though we tried to flee

Endlessly searching, seeking immortality


(Yet, so are the Gods….)



Here is where I present all that I know

Unfold my hands underneath a honey moon 

I was praying but the moon became full

With indecision, timing, commitments too soon


And God had not answered in time to cure my heart

Though I prayed for salvation I came to see 

I am an artist and everyone else only pieces of art

In this gallery on display, Heaven enjoys masterpieces


A perfect angel, savior, beautiful painting’s, saints inspiring

Helping me be anyone but myself ,give way to desires

Alliances made on Earth carry over through death transpiring

I remember the faces of all his sculptures very well


They were pretty and yet they broke so easily in my hands 

Like promises made and erased, useless in my loneliness

The brightest king holding stars like beads on strands

Because he knows, he knows everything and he keeps his secrets 


Unlike the universe who reveals all like an open book

Yet sometimes you are so easy to read like I am telepathic

Not hard to understand, because there’s a rebirth, another cycle

A reason to fall in love with you again…and the beads

Break so easily…the threads come undone

That’s the truth of it 

Don’t they always come undone?

What Does The Wind Devour



What does the wind devour?

It eats something so chilling so cold

It gives, lives, spreads seeds of philanthropy and flowers

It is an artist carving masterpiece molds


In the sides of canyons, ripped valleys

And sometimes howling with the coyote

The power of the wind is like a magic finale


Here  in a storm angels must be guiding me

When wings open tornados are born on Earth

Feathers are flying, dancing, enchanting, in the sky

Like a mouth it opens wide and then it is still

We must have a master to whom calls the wind

An echo, a thrill, a chill, a will & a phantom


And what did the wind devour while it roamed?

There were people screaming and the soil

Was ripped open wide…so much destruction…sometimes

Yet wasn’t it only making room for new life?


The wind is a humble spirit that does not want

It does not seek out to destroy but listens to voices

Like an echo, an empty hollow, a vessel, a brave heart

And it seeks an eternal home within humanity and our choices

Palm Reader


My pain it runs much deeper than a winding valley

Because It has been carved by a carver of destiny who is

Much like the one who chiseled lines into my hands

From where they started and the shapes they took

And this hand is heavy with burden and mine is light


The one who drew the lines into my heart was not the one

Who drew the lines onto my head because I know them by

Different names and faces and they are each like separate storms

Howling to each other leave her alone, she is mine, she is mine to make

But I feel their love like passion set deep like a sculptor to the stone


Each God and Goddess with powers alike just slightly separate

Volcanoes erupting into shooting stars shaped like lava

I was wishing against my fate but I was just bones and DNA

Mesmerized by the synchronicity of the telepathic architecture

Ladders folding down from Heaven dreaming of becoming more


The rivers of tears than flowed steady like waterfalls returning

To Earth transforming into living emotion ,mana escaped & roots winding

From the thrones of the sky falling into temples that were built to be

Houses for the Gods and I am feasted upon a sacred magic bleeding out

Knowing,  knowledge is my fruit bared like seeds spreading & flowers blooming out

Osiris, Isis and Horus

When I dream no one can wake me from my slumber
It is an eternal memory, like a death my mind encumbers
Reborn with every rest, I open my third eye to the incantations
Wings take flight from higher places, Scarab glows from reincarnations
Every day I am somebody new, my soul is different and lonely
But my heart always remembers you, my one and only



Eerie twilight sunset
Bitter cold heart 
Warm fire roulette 
Pink skies, foggy lies
Ghostly midnight alibis
January haunting

Diamond Magician


Diamonds melt into glowing lava hearts
Burning honey flying sparks of magma
Electric energy falling & rising star charts

Mark me, paint me, suffocate me with fire
Embers hardening, ashes coloring over gray
Cloudy days darkness, deepest tragic desire

Horizon shifting, God's helping & lifting up
Artists escaping, writing, painting stories,
Drinking the diamonds from the Queen's Cup

And all those left without this fortune are not
Stealing from the mouth of Hell but they are
Enchanted by beauty in ribbons tying knots

To eternity we are like mighty, mystic, titans, sirens
Summoning catastrophe, energy, from within the Earth
Changing & molding fate with the alchemy of diamonds


Lost Time


Lost moon
Decension and doom
Time persistent 
Life passes by
For us to soon

Chasing The Moon


I am a field wide open

Wheat to be harvested, vulnerable

Wild, tender, fragile and frozen


Dew drops glisten in the moonlight

Inari leading me on chasing ghosts

Away making way for fall time sprites


Messengers of a new year and seeds sown for the season

Pure white winter cycles, an enchanted slumber

Within the death is sown the dreams of December


Yet, I find myself still chasing the moon down.

Seeking the truth of the meaning to life

Falling stars as I am sleeping drop onto me like a crown


And then I understand that I am one

With the Earth, and the streams, the meadows

The stars like seeds are me and I am everyone


Vampire Heart



Another day you're pulling out my heart

Vampire soul feeding and tearing it apart

Outside my window the wind is howling

How could the wind hold so much emotion?

A spiritual, wild satanic, immortal devotion

Your love was eerie, enchanting and haunting

You disappeared just like a ghost taunting me

From the afterlife, those cold hands and lost soul,

Stuck in your hearts castle, I will never be free

We are eternally, undoubtedly, linked, telepathically

Your fangs draining me, snakelike poisons so bloody

Sending me begging forgiveness , wings burning in hell

Fire is hot, something is wrong, I have so many secrets to tell




Your aura catches on fire In an electric lit sky

Storms of amethyst and sapphire, carve out the valleys in your eyes

Drops cleanse my soul like crystals, forged from an ancient land

Your words like bullets of a pistol, forged into destiny like lines inside my hands

I will live, I will, until the day I die, until we meet, on the other side

Galaxies Of The Dead



Whispers surround me now in the cold galaxies of the dead

Trees empty and bare winding, enchanted, spiraling monster

Twisting their roots down into mysterious and still dark waters

Seething with crows and toads eggs slimy, drying, signs misread


Stars twinkle in the mist around me & my boat is silently floating

Making ripples in quiet waters rocks jarring out of the valleys

Spirits flying, magic casting, lost souls echoing and glowing

Moving softly, hovering, guiding brightly, into our holy finale

UFO Sighting



Bright lights passing by so fast

I cannot see where I am going

The dawn coming as the night passed

While I was sleeping and letting stars fall

From Heaven


Neon glowing and I feel a beautiful emission

Of energy loving changing forming growing,

Glowing ,reaping and sowing

Angelic objects, wings burning, harvesting stars

Lights from above

Change me





Your words echo through the hollow

My soul is empty so fill it up with words

We are two ships passing by each other

In the rivers of the underworld

Jade Moonbeams


Jade moonbeams on ocean rays glow
Staining salty waves like holy fire &
Leaving orange amber embers, dying for
Energy channeling & angels admiring



Murky waters salty air
Shipwreck visions
Mermaid wind song
Heard like premonitions

Black waves salty air
Ocean like a galaxy
Siren lead my soul astray
lost caves

Dreams at midnight
All gone today
A thief has stolen them
Lanterns blaze

Memories bitter, salty air
Hidden souls like ships cross

Over there
Lost, lost everywhere



Your heart is like a kaleidoscope
All these visions reflecting
Revealing lights of hope
Rainbows inside crystals 

Mirrors like possibilities
Of your mind, all of our
Memories reflected infinitely