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I will grow like a flame

Though my body will fade

Like wood rotting

My bones like stones

Planted In a garden

Of the South

My lips will speak

The prayers of angels

Lights and visions of

A celestial show

And I will glow

Relit In the sparks of

Embers falling from my mouth

Winter Castle

Crystal skies of white ice form a home
Of rainbows on her body
Cherry lips kiss me like roses facing
Towards a bed of pine needles and cones
Laid against me so nicely
They bloom out like fragrant intentions
Above and below
Musk of a holy ghost
Yule time evergreen
A doe in the forest of complexity
Let loose from the hands of a noose
A fortune teller who feels the most pain
Lines on a stomach telling me
I’ve got something to gain 
Gone too near the carver’s heat 
In the queen's name 
Made hot from the hearth 
Incense smoldering smoke set into stone 
And she knows the purpose 
The source of death and rebirth
Of letters marked into runes 
Seasons cast in too soon 
Buried within white sand dunes
An offering meant only for the sun 
At high noon 
A winter castle 
Standing in doom 
The light melts into one 
I taste holiness on my tongue 
I can feel sticky apples and oranges 
On my fingertips 
Love is a young sailing ship
On the tides of a wet drip 
Hideaway in a 
Comforting room with a blue flame 
Living within 
Silent and untamed 
Embers laughing wildly at mortals 
Falling softly down 
All around unnamed 
Glowing portals of a new town 
The aither guides us as we ride through 
The mountaintops of her bones and 
The milk from a cow goddess 
Brought more people to life 
As she becomes the moon 
I am melting warm 
Into the snow 
Into her womb 
A water garden tomb 
Waiting for the freeze again

Love Potion

The nameless faith
Which shakes and stirs
A love potion
Is not wasted
On hearts like ours

Mirror Speculation

Light shines from the seer onto
Broken pieces of a mirror that
Make more rainbows apart than
When they are whole together

The Blood Reader

The blood reader
Drinking my heart
With a kiss
Holding my palms 
Like a key
To a place
That I miss
Broken wings
Midnight flings
Sabotage & temptation
Lust and mutation
Vampire angel of a
Sacred constellation
A lucky savior with
A devilish hatred


Run to what you fear
And conquer it fast
My dear
Because you know it is the monster
Going to be hunting you
All of your life
In the future
In your temple
While you weep
Eating your thoughts
While you sleep
Ravishing your dreams
And its claws are latched upon
Your heart

Moon Feathers

The moon is my protector
A peaceful warrior
Stone collector
An angel with many feathers
A light before any other
The sun, you summon then with
Smoke of cinnamon
Sisters & brothers
The hope is against all my fears
Of my lost love
Who each day disappears 
Causing crystal tears
& storm clouds
Rain falling down
On the canyons of my bones
Unsearched & unknown

The Cinnamon Forest

My heart is 
A forest 
Made of
This love is a flame
Burning within
By your name
Like an invocation
To a goddess 
Invoke thee
On a holy night
Into our dreams
Second sight
A fire I cannot fight
No one is who they seem
In this
Supernatural fantasy
Your energy is sweet
Like the incense I breathe
Hot, smoking, spiraling up
Taking me into higher realms
Where the stars dwell

The Clock Of Destiny

This wandering soul
Has wings of
Midnight velvet
& he has shiny eyes
Made of gold
He dresses his eyes black
Lines like ribbons tied up
Read carefully from a book
Delicately drawn into a bow
And his spirit sends arrows
With one look
I already know
One feather moves round
Another back down
Making sound
He is bound
Eternally like
Chain linked
For infinity
To me
His breath is
Different clocks
Ticking, tocking in
Enchanted castles
His teeth are doors in the
Wood of Yggdrasil
The silence speaks quietly
The wind is knocking
But no one answers
No one is talking
The air is strong but
Not loud enough
I am embraced
By branches
Second chances
Petals fall like poison 
Down from above
Arms reaching 
In a storm of passionate lust
To feel loved
Rain dripping & dropping
Lightning striking out
Each hour trespassing
Slower into
A halo of light stopping
On the horizon
A morning star
Two crows are in flight
Cawing to each other
Yet still I am a stranger from the night 
Warned to stay away 
Like a devil come on 
All saints day
His intention is real
The truth is a cycle to kill
A vision of seasons
Seeds planted for reasons
My heart and my will
Blood drips from his lips
Bitten by God the immortal
For thirst and knowledge
No antidote for mortals
Our souls ripple into portals
No one is home yet
We pause to hear the last bell chiming
As the winter ends
Our death and rebirth are wed
It’s perfect timing
And we go on through to the
Forests of the dead
Always remembering
Everything that we said
Still the pain is beckoning
Though fate be the true judge of us
In the end

A Haunted Reverie

Twilight glitters
Breathing & bleeding
Beauty transmitter
Kneading into the quick sand
Of a mystical land
Where time is slipping
Through an hour glass
Like Cinderella’s shoes
Everything that falls behind us
We love and we let loose
Shattered into
A river of solitude
Waves on the shore
Where ocean meets land
Time and memory again
Will we ever understand?
The precious moments that we had
As we fall away into ghost hands
Of a haunted reverie
An eternal melody…

Broken Vulture


You awaken from a tomb

Of memories

A faint trace of something real haunts us

Whispers in the room

What do they want?

Face me

I dare you

Take me from the world I knew

My heart, my vault, my catacomb


I’m a shattered sculpture

A water garden womb

A broken vulture with

Nothing to prove

"Velvet Rose Promise" Haiku


Doe eyes sacrament

Paragon heart animist

Velvet rose promise

The Moon and I


The sunset stains like red berries

On the lips of the sky

You’re a gentle kiss

A butterfly

I know this

Your soul is a light

That becomes my shelter

From the night

My sacred ally

The moon and I 

The Heart Is A Butterfly


The heart is a butterfly
Whose wings flutter through the sky
To the beat of desire
A rhythm above
Breathing time and love
Into a burning fire
Of beauty

Veins in the Earth


Petals fall down from a cherry blossom tree

Veins flow inside of the leaves

The fruit is enlightening

Inside of me

My hands shadow a golden sun

My blood drifts like a silver moon

Looks like it is glowing

Rivers flow into one

Metal heart

Patterns of a master plan

A soul like stone in the Earth

We are all one universe

Feathers of You


You have owl’s eyes
A geometric masque
A beautiful disguise
Mysterious and wise
I am the tree onto which you stand
I am connected with everything
And everyone
A breathe of this universe
My heart tangled up in vines
Claws grasped around it
I am like wood to your soul
Trapped in the center
Holes open into shrines
In this enchanted forest
Where than spirits rest
Watching and wishing with
My dragon’s eye
Over time I am wondering
Am I a prisoner?
Or the princess…
I can’t tell the difference…
Love, power and wisdom
Revolves around us like rotating planets
Changing into something brilliant
What did you take for granite?
Like feathers and leaves falling piercing
Visualizing where you are
Light from the stars shooting
Urging us to reach out into Heaven
Betrayal and retributions
A cycle of premonitions
A breeze blowing past
A pattern in time
Retro cognition
Wings opened and shadows are cast
And then you are gone with the moon
And I cannot move from here so soon, so fast
My roots bound deep into the Earth
Searching for what’s underground
Precious artifacts like amber and diamonds
Metal rivers in the rock
Silver and gold merging
What is this worth
Of my soul converging into the dirt
While you fly on into the night
Seeking to fill your hunger
Until you are satisfied but
You will never be done seeking until you die



Sadness falls upon me 
Like the face of the moon 
That I do not know

The side with its shadows casting
Coming upon me soon
Gracefully and slow

A blanket of snow in December
Out like midnight

You glow
And then I remember

Pain overcomes me 
Feeling so empty
My mood is bright
The anxiety, the memory
I will never let you go

Eternal changing hour
You hold this power

Over me
Tick tock

Hands on a great clock 
Not chiming but slipping 
Almost like rain dripping


Devil's Moon


My blood is fire
Illuminating my skin
Red like a hot Devil’s Moon
Come before Hell’s pyres
Bowed before him
He hypnotized me like Dracula
But his drink is radioactive
He never drinks too much
He numbs the pain
Before he feeds again
On my insecurities, my desires
Pleasure and pain
A royal vampire
Brothers, lovers, allure, charms
Primordial sensations
Mortal creations and facades
We are like toys to the Gods