Teardrops of an Angel

Wish Fire

Here are lyrics, and Myspace links.

Angel from Shooting Star Baby on Myspace.


You fold out your heart
You drop all the pieces
You cry 
In a river of angels
You lay down and the world collides

I will keep you protected
From all of the world
I will hold you
I will be your Angel
I will be
Your wings
Everything is all right,X3
Sleep now

You fall from the heavens
You love from the sky
Youv'e forgotten all the answers
You breathe white



Heart Beat from Shooting Star Baby on Myspace.


Can you feel my heartbeat?

It's racing through the sky

Can you feel the wind blow?

It's wiping away the tears that I cry...

For you.

And I would die to be in your arms


You are the answer that I seek 

You are the truth that I speak

You are

My heartbeat

And I would die for you


Can you hear the rain falling down?

As I drift into sleep

The light...

It touches me upon the cheek

As I dream

Like visions of the sun

And you are the one


Lotus from Shooting Star Baby on Myspace.


By Shooting Star Baby


I am flowing down a river with two crow

And my crown is like a lotus, floating by

And as I am dreaming, I am filled with peace



Now, here I go again

Walking down sidewalks

And wishing for you on

evey star


My memories are haunting me

just like a ghost-

I can't let go

Your heart is so holy and I miss you


Ribbons from Shooting Star Baby on Myspace.


By Shooting Star Baby


You cry out

My holy love

Return to me

My white dove

And so I fly, back to you


Over and over again .

There can only be one



Undress me in your arms

I am yours to hold

Unwrap me in your hands

Like Ribbons of light-

And you are mine


The words that you speak

They sound like magic to me- and I believe...


And I am yours

Eternal Melody from Shooting Star Baby on Myspace.


(Eternal Melody)


 Embers of the sunrise

 All return to dusk

 Inscriptions on my soul remind me

 that there is more than love

 And all around me are feathers falling down

I am overcome with emotion

 Eternal rain 



 (Moon Melody)

when my heart starts breaking

My tears eclipse the moon  


(Eternal Melody)


 The truth is an elixir

Poured from my soul

Living waters flowing from my eyes

 I cry tears of heaven

 Eternal rain (reign)



Honey from Shooting Star Baby on Myspace.


I'm awake but

I feel like I'm in a dream

I don't know which way to go

I hear your voice from the other side

What holds me back is my pride



I melt into you like honey

As your heart burns into me

And we are free (happy on 2nd time)

For a moment away from everything


I know

You think you know

Whats good for me

But, once something has been seen

It can't be free

I know your here for me



And I bring tears into your eyes

Not made to look at

The sunrise

And all we know-

Is Love will save us all



Daggers from Shooting Star Baby on Myspace.


 Let your pride get in the way

You promised you would stay

Here comes my alligator tears

You were supposed to be the one

Without fear




Throw daggers at my heart

I’ll build a wall where we can restart

And tell them all you never loved me

I’ll cry but, your still thinking of me

And when you look into her eyes

Remember what you say is a lie

And when you stop to think about me

I won’t be here waiting


Back to Chorus


The last time we touched

Made the stairway to my heart collapse

Now all the warning signs are up and the people think the

Is just to tough


Back to Chorus

Away from Shooting Star Baby on Myspace.


Your like  200 miles away

Drive the miles I should,

If I was yours I would


I think about your laugh

I think about your smile and all the while

I'm wishing I could see you...




Close your hazel eyes babe

Everything is OK

Hear your heart

It's beating for tomorrow but, today I'll wait

Your always away

Please stay



I lay awake every night

Just trying to get us right

When you are here, and you are near

I could sleep forever



The Reason from Shooting Star Baby on Myspace.


The Reason


There are white flowers beneath our window sill 

Time keeps burning while we are laying here

You gave me your heart in one hand in a night

and my thoughts were clear-



I am a reason I am here

There is a motive but your eyes aren't clear

and if my heart breaks just leave it here

There was a reason that I was your fear



There is no warmth from the hotel bed

but, there is a feeling like your thoughts have left you dead

I'll leave myself in your arms to hold us through the night

I'll let myself get lost in you




and when the morning comes with your soft confusing gaze

I'll leave my reasons to reasons that I gave